It’s sad that commenters are making this a political story. And so the blindness continues. This is a story about being a woman, trying to build a successful career, hanging on to all that you’ve learned about the world including your self-respect while consistently coping with physical intimidation and male domination in the workplace.

This is about being afraid to look too sexy or pretty, afraid to tell the truth because that truth will make people criticize and politicize you and grind their teeth into every morsel of your juicy story. This is about all women who have to deal with the impulsive sexual desires of men in authority positions that range, yes, as an early commenter mentioned — from a dysregulated, narrcisistic former president — but also these behaviors extend to the Governor of New York (who cares about his politics?), to the movie producer, the boss at the candy store, the online stream of gross commenters on all sides, on all media platforms… This crap creeps into the mouths and pants of Democrats, Republicans and you name the party. It exists in every aspect of a woman’s life… in family structures, schools, churches, and especially doctors offices. Where there are men who need their egos and sex drives fed, men in authority positions — you’ll find women with brutal stories about those men.

But here’s what we don’t find often enough — we don’t find women who are willing to share these stories without the fear of all the scrutiny and character maligning that will undoubtedly come. I do not believe I could ever be so courageous as Lindsey or others like her who have dared to share their truths relating to public men in power... So thank you Lindsey for taking this on! American writer living in Switzerland. Contributor @Independent @WaPost, @Huffpost, @International Living , @Euronews & more