School opened today despite the pandemic. I cried when I left my daughter at the curb.

Drop off scene at our private international school, Zürich, Switzerland

The red and white tape that resembled the scene of a murder guided me to a place to leave my fifth grade daughter, far from the school grounds, during a global pandemic. I was at her private international school where we live as U.S. expats in Switzerland. I wasn’t allowed to park, but was guided by a masked man waving me to a spot in the parking area.

A special case of supplies, not to be touched by others or brought home again.

But I do know that our children and I are learning, daily, no matter where we sit. We’re learning about not-knowing, about finding faith in the unpredictable. We’re learning about trust, patience, boredom, friendship, separation, community, opinion, hygiene. We’re learning about leadership and government. We’re learning that making personal decisions is critical and swallowing judgement and pride is necessary. We’re learning that love is bigger than a virus.

My daughter’s arms and me American writer living in Switzerland. Contributor @Independent @WaPost, @Huffpost, @International Living , @Euronews & more

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