You just managed to (attempt) to move the anti-racist efforts backward for all colors, which is deeply disheartening given these times. You also tried to confiscate our ability, as (white) writers to try to speak to undecided voters. Maybe you didn't mean to do this. Maybe you've been through hell and need to find a place to dismantle that for all who you assume are like you. (I would give you empathy, and an ear, and an open mind but that of course would insert me into one of these categories.) Maybe you are just using the horrible things that are happening to black and brown people as your way of getting followers on Medium. But you leave me wondering if you have reflected on whether you have any interest in forward movement with this global, complex battle against racism. Thank God readers are wise see the hypocrisy here. (I know, I know, my opinion doesn't count, at all...nor does my comment...because I'm white.)